Cleanroom Certification


Our Clean Rooms Certification service consists of a comprehensive evaluation of your ventilation system, comparing it with the applicable standards for its type. We create an initial diagnostic for you of the condition of your room and later adjust it to comply with your design specifications. We rely on a highly skilled staff and all the necessary equipment to offer service locally. Your business can save up to 40 % in comparison to contracting with a non-local service, as well as benefit from our unbeatable response capacity. We rely on our relationship with a well-known Puerto Rican enterprise certified by NEBB. We work together to guarantee you a high quality of service and compliance with required regulations.

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We Offer Services Including:
  • Ventilation System Design (in compliance with any applicable standards)
  • Ventilation System Balancing/li>
  • Integrity Checks on HEPA Filters
  • Particle Counting
  • Airflow Testing
  • Pressure Differential Measurement
  • Microbiological Testing
  • Temperature and/or HumidityMapping
  • And more …