Phoenix Calibration is the only lab in the country accredited according to ISO/IEC 17025 by A2LA, one of the most rigorous and precise standards in the U.S. The ISO standard is applied to Phoenix Calibration laboratories, which speaks to the quality of our systems and our technical competency, assuring that both aspects of the standard are complied with. With more than 10 years of experience in the business, our laboratory satisfies the needs of diverse industries including: Pharmaceuticals, Health, Electronics, Aeronautical Engineering, Metalurgy, Construction, and others.

All our clients have access to our open portal on the Internet, in which they can manage their calibration program without incurring unnecessary costs. Each Monday of the month, our system will send you a list of the instruments that will be ready for the following month with an attached estimate, in order for you to arrange your purchase order before the completion of your instrument calibrations. See Scope and Certificate of Accreditation ISO/IEC 17025


  •  Ammeters
  •  Caliperss
  •  Colorimeters
  •  Conductimeters
  •  Control Valves
  •  Durometers
  •  Frequency meters
  •  Gauges (blocks, pins)
  •  General thermometers

  •  Height measurement devices
  •  Hydrometers
  •  Infrared thermometers
  •  Micrometers
  •  Multimeters
  •  PH meters
  •  Pipettes
  •  Pressure gauges

  •  Refractometers
  •  Relative humidity meters
  • RTD–Thermocouples
  •  Rulers and tapes
  •  Scales and Balances for general use
  •  Sound Level Meterss
  •  Spectrophotometers
  •  Speedometers

  •  Strength meters
  •  Time
  •  Torque
  •  Transformer testers
  •  Truck balances
  •  Turbidimeters
  •  Voltmeter
  •  Weights (all class)
  •  And more …