Our automatic dispenser shoe covers (shoe covers), QuikCover is ideal to increase the efficiency and secure the process of putting on covers at the entrance to your areas. It is a dispenser that does not require electricity to operate, facilitating deployment in any location within your facility.

EThis machine is made ​​of stainless steel and ABS plastic, has a capacity for 220 covers, they can be recharged easily, simplifying maintenance. It has a bar that helps your staff to maintain stability during placement of the covers, ideal for pregnant women.


The use of this dispenser is ideal for various environments such as: food plants, production clean rooms, hospitals, in short anywhere that requires the use of shoe covers.

We have an efficient supply chain that allows you to have an inventory of covers secured at no cost.

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Advantages of QuikCover:
  • Easy of Use
  • Time Savings
  • Safety