Why use Nuclear Gauge?

What is it and what are they used for ?

A nuclear gauge is a device used in several construction and industrial applications to perform routine measurements very fast of soils, asphalt, rooftops, and others. All density meters use two different radioactive sources to perform density and humidity measurements, they work in different types of materials: concrete, soil, asphalt, etc., they comply with the different standards and regulations for soil studies (ASTM D6938, D2950, D7013, D7759, C1040 & AASHTO T 310).

All density meters use two different radioactive sources to perform density and humidity measurement.

The device consists of a radioactive source and detector(s) to measure the radiation that interacts with the item being measured. When an item is placed between the source and the detector, the difference in radiation picked up by the detector can provide useful information about the item, such as its thickness, density, or chemical makeup.

Where to use?

Nuclear moisture density gauges have been in use for over thirty years in the construction industry. They offer a quick and accurate means of determining density and moisture content of soils, asphalt, rooftops, and concrete and they all essentially use the same design and basic approach to determining these measurements.


How to keep it?

Licensing: Possession and use of the radioactive material requires the user to have and maintain a license issued by the USNRC or Agreement State. Storage: Proper storage of radioactive material is required. In general, it must be stored at least 15 ft. from the nearest full-time workstation. In addition, a double lock system is preferred and a radiation caution signposted. Disposal: The gauges must be disposed of by transferring to another properly licensed gauge user or to a licensed disposal facility.

How to choose?

Now in the world there are 4 main brands that produce, these are: InstroTek, CPN, Troxler, and Humboldt. Here, at Phoenix Calibration, you can get a detailed consultation about them from our professional employees and you will be able to choose exactly the one that you need. And in addition to the nuclear density gauge, you also get a set of additional services, like calibration and full necessary maintenance.

Advantage of density gauges
This saves us from conducting laboratory studies, time, and resources by offering results instantly at the workplace.